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Veg Sandwich Recipes | How to make vegetarian sandwich in 7 different ways

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2015)

Veg Sandwich Recipes: Here I have compiled 7 easy to make vegetarian sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, kids lunchbox or dinner. These sandwich recipes are quick to do and very tasty . Ideal for being part of your daily menu.

Bread is one of ingredient which I use often in my kitchen. You can see many snacks made from bread in my blog. Sandwiches are one of my favorite food. I often make them for breakfast, pack then for my kids tiffin box, for lunch, for picnics.

These sandwiches are very different from each other and they all taste super delicious. Today I combined some of my sandwich recipes in one video for easy reference. These sandwiches are:

Cream Cheese Sandwich

This mild, fresh creamy sandwich is stuffed with veggies. This sandwich is ideal for kids after school snacks, evening tea snacks and for kids parties.

Yogurt/Curd Sandwich

A very delicious, little sweet and little tangy sandwich made with fresh thick yogurt and veggies. This crisp sandwich tastes best when served hot. I often make it for breakfast and with evening tea.

Veg Cheese Sandwich

I have shown both grilled and non grilled version of this sandwich. I often make this veg sandwich for dinner or small get togethers. It’s one of my family favorite.

Tofu Sandwich

Stuffed with sweet and sour, spicy grilled tofu and veggies this sandwich is one of a kind. This tofu sandwich is protein packed and can be served in breakfast and lunch.

Paneer Sandwich

A super quick and super delicious sandwich which can be made in minutes when you are in hurry. Enjoy this paneer sandwich in breakfast, pack them for your kids tiffin or lunch box. I am sure you will love them.

Crispy Sandwich

Learn how to make super crispy sandwich on regular pan, without toaster or oven. This delectable crispy veg sandwich is ideal for breakfast, lunch or even pack them for your work.

Sandwich Toast

These cuties are super scrumptious and fun to make. Make them for potlucks, parties and get togethers.

I hope you enjoy all of them.

Sandwich Recipe Video With Detailed Instructions:

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