About Me

I am not an expert cook, but surely in love with cooking. I have been learning about food from my family, friends, books and just by simply experimenting it myself. From north Indian cuisine to south Indian cuisine and just about everything in between, Indian food is so colorful, tasteful and flavorful that everything is worth trying and worth learning. It is so amazing to find out what all we can do with the food as we discover new tastes every day. My recipes and videos are about what I learnt and discovered in my journey of cooking so far.

I am originally from historic city of Jhansi (Northern part of India). Spent three years in Germany and many more in Bangalore (Southern part of India) later on. Now I live in Pleasanton, California with my husband Amit and two cute sons Dev and Veer.


Amit, my lovely husband is a photographer, videographer, editor, taster and solid critic. He is my main motivation and inspiration to start this site.

Dev, my 7 year old is a foodie. He just loves to eat and I love to cook for him :). Like a seven year old boy he is always hungry and keeps me busy in the kitchen.

Veer, my little one, is the naughtiest in the house. A running machine that keeps me on toes whole day.

Apart from cooking I also like to meet people, watch cooking shows, go shopping and love to spend time with my friends and family.

If you are in Bay Area you can also see my TV show CookNow on KTSF26 between 8:30AM and 9AM as part of WomenNow TV.

This blog is my attempt to express my self and hope you like my posts, videos and delicious Indian vegetarian recipes. Try them out yourself and let me know how they come out for you.

Happy cooking!

Shilpi Amit

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