Baked bread katori chaat

Bread Katori Chaat Recipe | Katori Chaat Recipe

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2015)

 Bread Katori Chaat Recipe: Baked bread katoris or bread cups filled with spicy, tangy chatpati chaat and topped with aromatic and flavorful chutneys. This simple oil free version of katori chaat is very simple to do.

My family loves eating chaat especially my elder one. You can always find green coriander chutney and sweet and sour chutney ready in my fridge. If these two chutnies are handy making chaat is not a tedious job. I always prefer making quick and instant chaats like bread chana chaat, bread dahi vada, bread potato chaat or this baked bread katori chaat.

Baked bread katori chaat
Baked bread katori chaat

To make katori chaat traditionally katoris or cups are made of all-purpose flour or maida and deep fried in oil which makes whole process little complicated and lengthy. To make it simple I make katoris with bread by baking them in muffin tray. This makes katori chaat recipe effortless, oil free and very easy to do.

Baked bread katori chaat
Baked bread katori chaat

Katori chaat can be made with different types of fillings, there is no right or wrong in this recipe. Today I filled them with the spicy veggie mixture but you can also use bhel poori, chana chaat, sprout chaat, fruit chaat or any other filling of your choice. I prefer using white sandwich bread in making this katoris or cups and they are little bigger than regular bread and easier to manage. Also to spice up this kotori chaat I used two chutneys, green coriander chutney and sweet and sour chutney.

Baked bread katori chaat
Baked bread katori chaat

I made this instant katori chaat for potlucks and get together with friends couple of times and everybody just loved it as it is oil free yet very crisp and delicious.

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Bread Katori Chaat  Recipe Card:

Baked Bread Katori Chaat
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Katori chaat: quick and easy,oil free, guilt free,spicy, tangy and chatpati chaat which can be made in no time.
Recipe type: snacks and appetizers
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 6
  • Bread slices: 6,
  • Boiled chopped potatoes: ½ cup,
  • Sweet corn (I used frozen): ½ cup,
  • Cucumber fine chopped: ½ cup,
  • De seeded tomatoes: ¼ cup,
  • Fine chopped onions: ¼ cup,
  • Coriander chutney: 3 tbsp,
  • Sweet and sour chutney: 3 tbsp,
  • Yogurt: ¼ cup,
  • Chaat masala: 2 tsp,
  • Black Salt,
  • Sugar: 1tsp,
  • Salt,
  • Sev,
  • Fine chopped coriander leaves: 1 tsp,
  • Oil: 1 tsp
  1. Take yogurt. Season it with some sugar and salt and keep it aside.
  2. Flatten the breads with a rolling pin till it is flat like tortilla or chapati.
  3. Take a bowl or cookie cutter and cut flatten bread slices in circles with the help of knife as shown in the video.
  4. Take a muffin tray and grease it with little oil. Press the bread rounds in muffin tins till they take cup shape.
  5. Coat them with little oil and bake them in a pre-heated oven at 375F or 190C for 15 minutes or till bread cups become crispy.
  6. In the meanwhile take a mixing bowl and mix together boiled potatoes, corns, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, chaat masala, half of coriander chutney and sweet & sour chutney, chaat masala, some black salt and keep it aside.
  7. After 15 minutes, once bread cups are crispy and brown take them out.
  8. Once the bread katoris are ready take them out and let them cool down before serving.
  9. Whenever you are ready to serve take bread cup or katori, fill it with veggie mixture, top it with seasoned yogurt or curd, sweet chutney, coriander chutney, chaat masala, sev and fine chopped coriander leaves.
  10. Serve katori chaat immediately.
1. You can make bread katoris or bread cups ahead of time.
2. Fill katori with veggies and chutneys only when you are ready to serve them otherwise they will become soggy.
3. Prefer using white sandwich bread as it is big in size.
4. To ease off the work make chutneys ahead of time.

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    1. Ya Reena you can make bread katoris 1 or 2 days before. Make sure you store them in air tight container otherwise they might become soft.

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