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Egg Tortilla Wrap Recipe | Egg Tortilla or Chapati Roll Recipe

(Last Updated On: August 19, 2015)

Egg Tortilla Wrap Recipe Video: Quick tortilla wrap recipe for breakfast or evening snack. Also ideal for kid’s lunch box. This egg tortilla roll is super easy to do, you can even make it with chapati.

There are many kinds of Tortilla available in the market. I used plain flour tortilla in this egg tortilla wrap recipe. You can also make it with whole wheat or multi grain tortilla. Also fresh chapati or even a leftover chapati could be a great option.

tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap
tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap

I also posted egg paratha roll recipe and delhi style egg paratha recipe earlier in this blog. This Egg Tortilla Wrap recipe is the third one in this series. They all are very different in method and taste from each other and each one is worth trying.

If you do not like eggs, you can make this egg chapati wrap with paneer or tofu. In that case you will need to saute paneer or tofu in little oil on pan till they are light brown in color and follow the same recipe by substituting egg with paneer.

tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap
tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap

Also I used mozzarella cheese in this Egg Tortilla Wrap recipe, but you can also use mixture of cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. If you like more hot and spicy you could add chilly flacks to the mixture. For sealing the torilla wrap I used cheese while rolling the tortilla, alternatively you could also use thick paste of all-purpose-flour and water.

tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap
tortilla egg roll | tortilla egg wrap

If you are looking for super simple and exciting egg recipe you may like egg salad sandwich, delhi style egg paratha, egg paratha roll, scrambled egg sandwich, simple street style egg omelet and dhaba style egg curry.

Egg Tortilla Wrap Recipe Video

Egg Tortilla Wrap Recipe Card

Egg Tortilla Wrap Recipe | Egg Tortilla or Chapati Roll Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Egg tortilla recipe: quick yummy wrap, can be made in minutes. Enjoy this delicious egg tortilla roll in snack, breakfast or keep it for your kids tiffin box.
Recipe type: breakfast, snack
  • Tortilla or chapati (10-12 inches in size): 3;
  • Egg : 2 (boiled- chopped);
  • Onion: ¼ cup (fine chopped);
  • Bell Peppers (capsicum): ¼ cup (fine chopped);
  • Grated mozzarella cheese: 6 tbsp;
  • Green chilly: 1 (fine chopped);
  • Coriander leaves: 1 tbsp (fine chopped);
  • Salt, Butter and Black Pepper
  1. Boil eggs, peel them and cut them in slices. Keep them aside
  2. In a blow add chopped onion, bell peppers, green chilly, coriander leaves and cheese
  3. Add salt to taste and sprinkle black pepper powder.
  4. Mix everything well and keep the mixture aside
  5. Take a Tortilla or chapati, put some egg slices near one side.
  6. Put generous amount of cheese and veggie mixture on top of eggs
  7. From one end (where we had put the mixture) roll the chapati or tortilla to the other end
  8. Towards the other end spread some cheese and roll it completely
  9. Press the roll gently and apply some butter on top
  10. Heat the pan at medium heat
  11. Put the tortilla or chapati roll butter side down on the pan
  12. Press it gently and let it cook for few minutes, till it becomes light brown and crispy from bottom
  13. Now apply some butter on top and flip the roll to let it cook from the other side
  14. Once roll is nice and light brown from both the sides, it is ready to serve.
  15. Serve this yummy tortilla egg wrap as it is or slice it in 3 to 4 pieces.
  16. Enjoy tortilla or chapati egg wrap with your favorite dip or salsa
1. You can use chapati instead of tortillas.
2. To make it spicy add some chilly flakes.

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