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Chaat recipes : Chaat is something that you can find in every street and corner in India, mostly sold on stalls. Typically it is made with fried savory snacks topped with mix of chutneys and flavorful spices.

I still have my sweet childhood memories of chaat vendors coming to our neighborhood with their mobile stall (called thela in local language). They would hit pan with iron spatula so hard that it will send an inviting signal to all the chaat lover like me. Soon all the kids would run to their Moms or Dads to get some money to buy a quick bite of their favorite chaat.

Just by the name of Chaat somethings happens to my tongue. I guess it starts dancing in the anticipation of that spicy and tangy taste.

These chaat recipes are easy to do and can be made for breakfast, snacks, appetizer and snacks. Do try them and make them for your family, get togethers, parties, potlucks and do share your feedback with us.

Here in this section you can find some easy to do chaat recipes that are not so traditional but get you similar taste. Soon I’ll be posting more of real chaat recipes from my home town. They are coming soon.. :)

Some of the chaat recipes in the blog are katori chaat, poha kachori, tortilla samosa, maida pakora,  macaroni chaat, bread chana chaat, dahi vada and more.

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