rumali roti

Rumali Roti recipe video| How to make Soft Rumali Roti

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Rumali Roti Recipe with video: Super thin bread that tastes delicious with egg curry, kebabs and many other tandoori dishes. Famous in many South Asian countries this Roti is always a delight.

Unlike Naan, Missi Roti, paratha or any other chapati Rumali Rotis are rolled super thin and folded like handkerchief (Rumal in Hindi and Urdu) and hence called Rumali Roti.

rumali roti
rumali roti

Traditional way of making Rumali Roti is different from how we make it at home. Traditionally it is made on the inverted clay pot (called Matka or clay pitcher) and stretched by hand. To make it simple at home you can use your tawa or wok and just put it inverted on the stove. Inverted surface helps keep these Rumali Rotis stretched and also cook them fast due to extra heated surface.

Keep these few important things in mind and be assured that Rumali Rotis will come out just perfect every time.

  1. The dough should be soft enough so that Rotis can be rolled easily.
  2. The tawa or wok should be very hot while making Rumali Rotis.
  3. Rotis should be rolled very thin.
  4. Rumali Roti should be cooked on high heat for only few seconds from each side to avoid it getting hard.
  5. Fold and store the hot Rumali Roti in kitchen paper and towel to keep it soft.
rumali roti
rumali roti

 Rumali Roti step by step easy instructional video :

Rumali roti recipe card below :

Rumali Roti | Soft Thin Roti | Home Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Rumali roti: soft thin melt in mouth rotis goes very well with any curry
Recipe type: main course
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 4-5
  • Whole Wheat flour (Atta): 1 Cup,
  • All Purpose Flour (Maida): 2 Cups,
  • Baking Soda: ⅛ tsp (2-3 pinches),
  • Salt: 1tsp,
  • Oil: 1-2 tsp,
  • Water: Almost 1½ cup
  1. In a big bowl mix together, atta, maida, salt, soda and oil.
  2. Add little water at a time and knead a soft and smooth dough.
  3. Cover the dough and let it rest for 15 -20 minutes.
  4. After 20 minutes take little oil in palm and knead the dough once again.
  5. Take very small portions of the dough and roll it very thin.
  6. Heat the tawa or wok inverted on the stove.
  7. Put rolled chapatti on the tawa and cook it for few seconds.
  8. Turn it over and cook it again for few more seconds or till you see brown spots on roti.
  9. Fold the roti and keep it in kitchen towel so that they remain soft for long time.
  10. Enjoy these Rumali Roti with your favorite curry.
Since rumali roti is very thin it get hard and chewy very fast to avoid this pack the rotis in tissue paper and keep them in box as soon as you make them.

2 thoughts on “Rumali Roti recipe video| How to make Soft Rumali Roti”

    1. Arlene, following are important guidelines to get that perfect soft roti and they might also explain why your roti turned out to be hard:
      – dough should be really loose and not very hard
      – roti should be rolled very thin and cook it for just few seconds on very hot tawa/pan.
      – to store rotis make sure they are covered and not left in open

      Since these rotis are thin they can lose moisture very fast. By following above rules I am sure you can get those perfect soft thin roti next time.

      Hope this helps.
      Shilpi Amit

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