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Tiffin Box Ideas | School Lunch Box Ideas

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

We asked our friends on the facebook page, what do they typically pack for their school going children for lunch box so that we don’t run out of ideas any more. This list will never be complete as we all pour in more and more ideas every day, but here let me take a moment and share what I have compiled so far.

Thanks to overwhelming response, here goes the list of most popular choices:

  • Dhokla, khakhra, thepla, methi thepla,
  • Cutlet, bonda, wada, sabudana wada,
  • Idli, dosa, vermicelli, upma, bread upma,
  • Mini uttapams, vegetable appam, bread uttapam,
  • Stuffed paratha (aloo, paneer), green paratha (broccoli, spinach, veggie paratha), namkin puri (masala puri)
  • Wraps, parantha and pickle, parantha with vegies, puri sabzi, egg roll,
  • Pasta, noodles, pizza pop,
  • Boiled eggs, omelet,
  • Fruits, salad,
  • Sandwiches (cheese, veggie), bread jam,
  • Fried rice, poha, pulao,
  • Chilla (besan, moong), pan cakes, veg chilla,
  • Paneer bhurji, sabudana khichdi,
  • Smiley potato fries, french fries,
  • Fruit yogurt
  • Dry fruit ladoo, nariyal laddu

As I believe this is not complete list yet, please add more of what you believe is a good kid’s tiffin box idea, do share the same in comments here or on facebook page.

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