Coriander Chutney Recipe

Coriander chutney

Coriander chutney (hari dhania chutney) is basically spicy, aromatic Indian dip that is served as a accompaniment with Indian snacks and appetizers.

At my home my mom still uses hand grinding stone (sil batta) to make this coriander chutney. Believe me, nothing can replace that raw taste of hand grinded mom made coriander chutney.

Coriander chutney is a must have in my fridge. It can be used as dip or spread. I use this chutney on parathas as a spread or on bread to make sandwiches. When served with any appetizer or snack it enhances the flavor of the dish multifold.

Making corinder chutney is super simple. Just put all the ingredients together in a grinder and grind them. While grinding you may need to add water to aid grinding. Make sure to add very little water otherwise chutney will become very watery. I used garlic but if you don’t like it you can skip it. You can also later the amount of green chillies according to your taste. Sometimes for variation I use tamarind juice instead of lemon. That also tastes great 😛 .

Try this coriander chutney with samosa bites, tortilla samosa, sooji kachori , bread uttapam, bread rolls, paneer sandwich and other snacks. I am sure you are going love it.

Coriander chutney step by step instructional recipe video for more details

I have also posted other chutney recipes like coconut chutney, mint chutney and sweet and sour chutney.

Coriander chutney recipe card below:

Coriander (Cilantro) Chutney
  • Roughly chopped coriander or cilantro leaves: 1 cup,
  • Cumin (jeera) seeds: 1 tsp,
  • Garlic: 1 clove,
  • Ginger: about an inch,
  • Green Chilly: 4-5,
  • Lemon juice: 1 tbsp,
  • Salt,
  • Water
  1. Put everything in blender and make a smooth paste.
  2. Chutney is ready. Enjoy it with your favorite snack.
1. If you do not like the smell of raw garlic feel free to skip it.
2. You can add more or less green chillies according to your taste.
3. Try to put very less water while grinding otherwise chutney will become watery.

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