Schezwan Sauce Recipe:-How to Make Schezwan Sauce at Home?

Schezwan Sauce

Schezwan sauce can be used for making many Indo-Chinese recipes like schezwan rice, schezwan noodles and many more. Sichuan cuisine, Szechwan cuisine, or Szechuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China. It has bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavor of the Sichuan pepper. And thus schezwan sauce gets its name. Schezwan sauce is widly used in lots of Indo-Chinese recipes like schezwan rice, schewzan noodles, schezwan stir fry and many more. in coming time, I’ll be posting many of these recipes using schezwan sauce.

Schezwan sauce is very easy to prepare. Authentic recipe of sauce calls for schewan peppers and celery but if you do not have them, you may skip them. Sauce will taste almost equally good without them too :). You can also add some tomato ketchup to give some more flavors to sauce. Also you can change the amount of soya sauce or vinegar slightly according to your taste.


You can make schezwan sauce in big batch too. The ingredients I have posted will make almost 1 cup of sauce. Once cool down you can store this sauce in air tight glass bottle in fridge for at least more than a month. I did not use any extra preservatives in this sauce as vinegar and oil will keep the sauce fresh for long time.

Schezwan Sauce

Course Side Dish
Cuisine Chinese


  • 15 Dry Red Chillies
  • 15 Garlic Pods
  • 2 tbsp Garlic grated
  • 2 tbsp Celery fine chopped
  • ½ cup Onion fine chopped
  • tsp Sugar
  • tsp Salt
  • 3 tsp Vinegar
  • 2 tbsp Soya Sauce
  • ½ tsp Schezwan Peppers crushed
  • ¾ cup Water +3 tbsp
  • 3-4 tbsp Oil
  • Food Colour optional


  • Take out the stems of red chilies. Deseed half of the chilies and keep half with seeds that.
  • Soak red chilies in hot water for an hour. In a meanwhile heat oil (3-4 tbsp.) in wok or karahi.
  • Add garlic pods to it and fry them till they are golden brown. Sauté them continuously for even cooking.
  • Once garlic pods are light golden brown take them out in a bowl and let them cool down.
  • After one hour drain the water from red chilies. Put them in a mixer jar along with garlic and add very little water to a paste.
  • Now again heat the same oil and add fine chopped onions to it. Sauté till onions are little soft. Now add fine chopped ginger, celery and cook till they lose oil.
  • Now add ground chilli paste. Sauté and cook till it loses oil again. Now add sugar, salt, Sichuan pepper, soya sauce and mix everything.
  • Add vinegar and ¾ cup of water boil everything for a minute or till you see it is losing oil.
  • Switch off the heat and let it cool down. Schezwan sauce is ready. You can store it in air tight container in fridge for multiple weeks.



Shilpi’s Quick Tricks
  • I de-seeded half of the chilies as I do not want sauce to be super spicy.
  • While cooking, it is very important that sauce should loose oil in every step. That will give sauce deep flavors and preserve the sauce for long time.
  • If you want vibrant red color of sauce you can add food coloring while grinding the sauce.
  • You may skip celery and schezwan peppers if you do not have.
  • You can add more or less amount of vinegar and soya sauce according to your taste.
  • You can also add some tomato ketchup while cooking this sauce.
  • Once sauce cools down, transfer it in an airtight glass bottle and keep it in the fridge.
  • Always use clean and dry spoon to take out the sauce.
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