Momos Recipe: How to make street style veg momos at home?

Perfect soft juicy veg momos or veg dim sum recipe from starch. Momos are steamed and sometimes fried dumplings served with a spicy sauce. How to make momos or veg dim sum at home? Here is my quick step by step video. Don’t miss it !!! Do try it and you will fall in love with them. Tibetan momos and Nepalese or Nepali momos are now world famous and do not need any introduction. Momos are also famous in China but with a very different name. It is called Dim Sum, which actually means touch your heart. Dim sum or momos, call them by any name, they are now famous fast food snack around the world. There are many ways, shapes and variety of momos and dim sums. They can be steamed, baked or fried. They can be stuffed with chicken, goat meat, paneer cheese, beef, tofu, veggies and lot more. The most famous varieties are chicken momos, beef momos and vegetarian momos or veg dim sum. Momos are good for health as they are made with only a teaspoon of oil. It is full of veggies and steamed. They can be made in idli steamer or in rice cooker or a regular steamer. Nowadays people also make momos from wheat flour and rice flour. For quick results momos can also be made with wonton wrappers. I have never tried and don’t how rice flour momos or wheat flour momos taste but traditional and my favorite recipe calls for all- purpose flour. Momos can be made in many shapes like a round momos, half -moon momos, flower momos. Here I choose to share how we make basic steamed round momos. Momos are normally served with very spicy sauce. So to keep the balance I did not use any spices in the filling. I like to serve them with hot schezwan sauce.


For making juicy and soft and non soggy  momos or dim sums four things to keep in mind.

  1. First, the dough. It is very important to knead dim sum dough stiff and not soft.  Otherwise they will not hold their shape and also will be difficult to shape. Also while kneading the dough don’t use any salt, as salt from filling and sauce will be enough.
  1. Second, the filling. traditional way of making momos veggies are not cooked and they are very fine chopped. This is because when we steam them juices from the veggies should come out and they will make momos juicy, soft and melt in mouth. You can also change the filling of momos / dim sums according to your choice. You can also use grated carrots, paneer. They also taste good .
  2. Third, is shaping. It is very important when you roll momos it should be thick in the center and thin towards the edges. Also if you see closely I have kept little opening on top.  That will help steam to go in the momos and cook the veggies and let the juices come out. This will make super juicy momos or dim sum.
  3. Fourth, is steaming. Always put momos / dimsums on greased tray so that they do not stick to the plate after steaming. To check if momos are ready or not, touch them, If they feel sticky steam them for some more time.


    Course Appetizer
    Cuisine Tibetan


    • 1 cup All-purpose Flour
    • cup Onion very fine chopped
    • cup Cabbage very fine chopped
    • cup Paneer grated
    • 2 tsp Soya Sauce
    • Salt
    • 2 tsp Oil
    • 1 tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste
    • 3 tbsp Coriander Leaves very fine chopped
    • 1 tbsp All-purpose Flour for dusting


    • Heat oil in pan. When oil is hot enough add ginger garlic and saute till raw smell of garlic is gone.
    • Now switch off the heat and add onions, cabbage, tofu, soya sauce, salt and coriander leaves. Mix everything and keep it aside.
    • Now in a mixing bowl take all-purpose flour and little water at time and knead stiff dough. It should be like puri dough.
    • Once dough is ready apply very little oil on it, cover it and let it rest for fifteen minutes.
    • Now heat the steamer with water and grease the tray with oil.
    • After fifteen minutes divide the dough in 20-22 pieces and make small balls of it. Now take one ball, dip it in dry flour and roll it to a small circle.
    • Hold it in hand and stuff one spoon of mixture in the center. Make a momo shape as shown in the video.
    • This way, make all the momos and put them on the greased tray. Put the tray in the steamer and steam momos for 12-15 minutes.
    • Once done switch off the steamer and open the lid little bit and let the momos sit in the steamer for five more minutes.
    • After five minutes take them out, serve hot with your favorite dip.


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  • Hi Shilpi!!!
    I have never tried Momos. This looks very delicious. I will definitely try this recipe and will share the feedback. Happy cooking!!!

    Dhwani Mehta November 9, 2016 5:39 pm Reply

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