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Sabudana khichdi or sago khichdi recipe is an easy and quick phalahari recipe for vrat specially famous in Navratri vrat. Sabudana khichdi is a famous dish during fasting. It is easy to make but there are some tricks to make it non sticky and perfect texture khichdi. While making sabudana khichdi it is very important to soak it properly. Normally sabudana  needs about 4-5 hours of soaking time. It should be properly washed and soaked in level water for 4-5 hours before cooking. After that strain the water in strainer and keep it for half an hour. If you press sabudana or sago between your fingers it should be soft. Sabudana khichdi can be made for fast or for regular breakfast. It is simple, healthy and delicious. Today I made sago khichdi for Navratri vrat so used sendha namak if you are cooking for regular breakfast you can use normal salt. There are many ways of making sabudana khichdi. This is my way of making it. If you do not eat tomatoes during fasting you can use lemon juice at the end. Also you can skip or add cumin seeds and ginger according to your preference. If you are looking for more fast recipes or vrat recipes you may like suji halwa, kuttu ke vade, vrat ke aloo.

Follow the recipe step by step to get the perfect non-sticky sabudana khichdi at home. So, lets dive straight into the recipe.

Sabudana Khichdi

Course lunch, Main Course
Cuisine Indian


  • 5-6 Curry Leaves
  • 1-2 tbsp Coriander Leaves fine chopped
  • 1 tsp Ginger fine chopped
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1-2 Green Chilli fine chopped
  • Salt/ Rock Salt
  • 1 cup Sabudana wash and soak sabudana in level water for 3- 4 hours. After that strain the water out. Sabudana should be soft like this when you press it between your fingers
  • 3 tbsp Peanuts
  • 2 Potatoes boiled, peeled
  • 1 Tomato fine chopped
  • Ghee/Oil


  • Heat 1/2 tsp ghee in medium hot pan. Add peanuts, saute well and cook till peanuts are crisp and golden brown.
  • Take peanuts out and crush them coarsely in mortar pestle or mixer. Now in the same pan add 2 tbsp of ghee.
  • As ghee gets hot add cumin, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and saute them well. Now add chopped tomatoes and salt.
  • Cook till tomatoes are soft. Now add chopped potatoes, mix well and cook till potatoes are roasted. Now add soaked sabudana, ground peanuts and mix well.
  • Reduce the heat to low, cover sabudana and cook for 5 minutes. Saute it couple of times in between.
  • After 5 minutes saute it for a minute and garnish with coriander leaves. Sabudana is ready to serve.


Keyword lunch, main course
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This recipe can also be eaten for dinner as it is light and good for digestion. Do let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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