7 Breakfast recipes for 7 days that can be made within minutes

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the most important one. It has a potential to define your day with a mood that remains through out the day. But the most difficult part of this meal is to decide what to cook that is loved by everyone and still does not require too much time to cook. So here are 7 unique breakfast recipes to plan you week that can easily be made at home and that too within minutes. Do check out these recipes and hope they help in planning you entire week’s breakfast.

1. Vermicelli Idli

2. Aloo Besan Toast

aloo besan toast

3. Pizza Sandwich

4. Rava Uttapam


5. Suji (Rava) Upma Recipe

rava upma

6. Crispy Aloo Bread Toast

7. Green Chutney Sandwich


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