Don’t Miss These 6 Refreshing Coolers To Try This Summer | 6 Cooling & Refreshing Drinks Recipes

6 Cooling & Refreshing Drinks Recipes To Try Before Summer Ends. As the scorching heat of the summer is upon us, let us keep ourselves refreshed with these chilled coolers. Summers can be very tiring, with scorching heat. As the temperature rises outside, it is very important to stay hydrated inside. To keep your energy high and mood elated, try this mix of drinks, specially curated to give a mix of cooling experiences. Although you can keep yourself hydrated with just water, you also need different minerals and sources of energy in summers. Do try these quick and easy to make summer drinks and do let us know your favorite ones in this list or let us know if you would like to add any new drink to this list.

So let’s dive into these cooling, refreshing & energizing summer drinks recipes (click on the images).

Badam Milk

Badam Milk is a healthy and tasty energizing summer drink that is extremely delicious and packed with proteins

Milk Sharbat

Milk Sharbat is a healthy yet energizing summer drink. Just one glass of milk sharbet can help you to retain your energy and freshness throughout the day.

Jeera Drink

Jeera is one such ingredient that is used in most of the Indian dishes. Jeera not only boosts the taste of any dish but is also known to be a great antioxidant.

Watermelon Drinks

2 Refreshing Watermelon Drinks – Watermelon Mojito & Mohabbat ka sharbat.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna Recipe: Make once and drink daily with this aam panna recipe.

aam panna

Thandai Powder

Make Thandai drink in just 5 minutes with this Thandai Powder Recipe.

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