Thandai Drink Recipe l Make Thandai Paste Once, Store It and Serve Anytime

Thandai Drink Recipe l Make Thandai Paste Once, Store It and Serve Anytime. Thandai is one of the oldest chilled drinks in India mostly made during summers and specially on Holi festival. This thandai recipe is very unique as it is a one-time recipe where you can make it once and store the thandai paste in a bottle and have instant thandai whenever you want. All you need to do is to add chilled milk to the paste and your perfect thandai is instantly ready.

This recipe of Thandai Paste is a lifesaving hack. This recipe saves you every time you have unannounced guests at home. This thandai is so rich and delicious that if you drink it once you would want to make it again and again. For this thandai paste recipe, I have not used cashew but if you want you can use it too. During summers you will always find this delicious thandai paste recipe in my fridge. I have it after my morning exercise or I give it to my kids whenever they want to spice up their milk.

This is a go-to recipe for mothers whose kids don’t like drinking milk. This recipe is a super healthy and tasty at the same time. I have also posted other drink recipes like Aam Panna, Badam Milk and Jeera Water and many more summer recipes that you must try once. Follow the recipe step by step to get the perfect thandai paste. So let’s dive straight into the recipe.

Instant Thandai from Thandai powder

Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian


  • 3 tbsp Almonds
  • 2 tbsp Pistachio
  • 2 tbsp Muskmelon Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Watermelon Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Fennel Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Poppy Seeds
  • 8-10 Small Cardamom
  • 1 tbsp Black Pepper Corn
  • 1 tbsp White Pepper Corn
  • 2 tsp Gulkand
  • 2 cup Sugar
  • cup Water
  • 20-30 Saffron Strings
  • ½ cup Water to rinse grinder jar


  • In a bowl add almonds, pistachio, muskmelon seeds, watermelon seeds, fennel and poppy seeds.
  • Next in the same bowl add small cardamom, black pepper corn, white pepper corn, water and soak for 6-7 hours.
  • After 7 hours transfer the nuts with water in a grinder.
  • Next add gulkand in the grinder and grind to make a fine paste.
  • In a big pan add sugar, water and saffron strings.
  • Increase the flame to high and mix till sugar melts.
  • Once sugar melts add paste of nuts, rinse the grinder and add in the pan.
  • Keep the flame on full and bring it to boil.
  • Once the mixture is boiling reduce the flame to medium and cook for 15 minutes while stirring in between.
  • After 15 minutes take a steel spoon, dip in the mixture if spoon coats well then it means that mixture is cooked.
  • Turn off the heat and let it cool down completely.
  • Store in clean, dry glass bottle in fridge.

How to make thandai from thandai powder?

  • Add thandai paste in a glass add chilled milk, mix and garnish with chopped nuts and serve.



Shilpi’s Quick Tricks
  • I have not used cashew but if you want you can use it.
  • If you only have either watermelon seeds or muskmelon seeds then use either of the two.
  • If you don't have white peppercorn you can also use 2 tbsp black peppercorn.
  • If you don't have gulkand use rose petals.
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Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

In summers this recipe of Thandai Paste is a life saver. You can store this recipe for a long time and can serve it instantly. Do let me know in the comment section about your experience.

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