12 Ultimate Pakora Recipes to try this Monsoon Season | Collection of Crispy Pakoda Recipes

12 Ultimate Pakora Recipes to try this Monsoon Season | If I had to chose the top 3 things of the rainy season my answer will always be the beautiful weather, smell of the soil and yes lots and lots of hot pakoras. As the rainy season embarks us with its beauty so does various recipes to enjoy this season. Here are my collection 12 must-try pakora recipes for this rainy season. So get ready to try them all 🙂 and enjoy these crispy, crunchy pakoras with hot cup of tea or coffee.

Onion Pakora

Easy snacks recipe with some tips and tricks to make perfect street style super crispy onion pakoda or onion bhajji at home.

Gobhi Pakoda:

Extra crisp Cauliflower or gobi pakora recipe. It can be made from basic ingredients like cauliflower florets, gram flour, herbs and spices.

Semiya Pakora

Vermicelli recipes are quick, light and easy to do. Make these crispy snacks as appetizer or starter for parties or just for yourself during evening tea time.

Mix Veg Dal Pakoda

Crispy, crunchy and tasty Mix Veg Dal Bhaji is a famous Indian street style snack which can be made quickly with basic home ingredients and super tasty in taste.

Sooji Pakoda

These yummy pakoras do not need any preparation in advance. If you have sudden guests at home you can make these snacks in jiffy.

Cabbage Pakoda

Crispy, crunchy and tasty cabbage pakoda is one of my favorite rainy season snack. The taste of this pakoda multiplies when served with chatpati chutney.


Crispy Aloo Lachha Pakoda

Crispy, crunchy and unique aloo lachha pakora or potato stick pakora is a different type of pakora recipe. These pakoras are fun to serve and can be prepared in minutes.

Bread Pakoda:

Street Style, crispy bread pakora is popular Indian snack and loved all over the world. But at times there is a difference in the taste of what we make at home and what we get in the market. Here is a perfect way to make same street style crispy bread pakora at home.


Crispy Mix Vegetable Pakoda

These crispy vegetable fritters are made from gram flour or besan and mix of vegetables along with flavorful spices.

Moong Dal Bhajia 

Moong dal pakode or ram laddu is a crunchy, tasty snack made with moong dal, vegetables and flavorful spices.

Chilli Bhajji

Spicy, crispy, tasty and stuffed with delicious filling this chilli bhajji is a famous street food.  Here is the perfect recipe to get the same taste.

Aloo Pakora

Crispy, crunch and super tasty Aloo ke pakode or aloo bhaji is one of the most famous pakoda or snack made in Indian households. Here is the prefect recipe to make them puffed and crisp.

Aloo pakoda



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