Easy Breakfast Recipes

These are simple and easy to make breakfast recipes

Rice Uttapam Recipe | Raw Rice Uttapam for breakfast and snacks

Uttapam is a type of dosa or pancake that has originated from the heartlands of southern India. Unlike the regular dosa, uttapam is thick like a pancake and has a lot of toppings on it. It is usually combined with sambar or chatni and is a classic breakfast of the Tamilian household. An uncommonly known […]

Palak Paneer Paratha Recipe- How to make unique and tasty palak paneer paratha at home?

Paratha is a native dish of the Indian subcontinent. This is a flatbread which is more popular towards the northern side of the country.  FUN FACT: – The earliest references to paratha have been mentioned by Nijjar (1968), in his book Panjāb under the sultāns, 1000-1526 A.D.  Well everyone has eaten aloo paratha, mix paratha […]

Multigrain Breakfast Recipe | Adai Uttapam | Mix Dal Uttapam Recipe

Multigrain Breakfast Recipe | Adai Uttapam | Mix Dal Uttapam Recipe | Adai Recipe or Mix Dal Uttapam Recipe is a very famous traditional recipe made from very basic ingredients available at home. Adai is one of the healthiest protein-rich breakfasts. Adai is not only light but also it has dense nutrition. It’s a very […]