pizza sandwich

Pizza Sandwich Recipe | Quick & easy Breakfast Recipe Ideas for kids

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2016)

Pizza sandwich recipe: one of the simplest sandwich recipe that can be done in minutes. This pizza sandwich is very yummy and is loved by kids and adults alike.

I love making sandwiches as they are easy to make and easy to eat. You can find lots of vegetarian sandwich recipes like curd or yogurt sandwich, veg cheese sandwich, cream cheese sandwich, paneer sandwich and tofu sandwich in my blog. You can use simple white bread, wheat bread or multi grain bread to make these sandwiches.

pizza sandwich
pizza sandwich

Talking about this recipe, pizza sandwich is pretty simple to make. You can also use veggies likes sautéed mushrooms, artichoke, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeno or any other vegetable of your choice. If you don’t have pizza sauce you can even make this delicious pizza sandwich with pasta or pesto sauce.

pizza sandwich
pizza sandwich

I made pizza sandwich on pan as I felt it becomes crisper on pan rather than sandwich toaster. But you can also make it in sandwich toaster, it still tastes delicious. If you are making it on pan make sure you cook it on low heat otherwise cheese will not melt and sandwich will not taste that good.

pizza sandwich
pizza sandwich

Pizza Sandwich Video Recipe:

Pizza Sandwich Recipe Card:

Pizza Sandwich Recipe | Quick & easy Breakfast Recipe Ideas for kids
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2-3 sandwiches
  • Mozzarella Cheese: ½ cup
  • Onion (Chopped): ¼ cup
  • Frozen Corns: ¼ cup
  • Bell Papers (Chopped- Red and Green): ¼ cup
  • Olives (Chopped): 4-5
  • Chilly flakes: ½ tsp
  • Salt
  • Pizza seasoning
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Butter
  • Sandwich Bread Slices: 4-6
  1. In a bowl mix together mozzarella cheese, olives, bell peppers, corns onions, chilly flakes, pizza seasoning and very little salt.
  2. Take one of the bread slices and apply butter, pizza seasoning and turn it over.
  3. Now apply pizza sauce on the top side of both the bread slices and put generous amount of stuffing on one piece (watch video for more details).
  4. Cover it with other piece of bread and press it gently.
  5. Now heat the pan at low heat. And put sandwich butter side down.
  6. Cover the bread with a plate and put some heavy weight on plate.
  7. Let the sandwich cook from down till it becomes nice brown and crispy.
  8. Once sandwich is crisp from down. Apply some butter and pizza seasoning on top of the sandwich. Flip it over.
  9. Cover it again with plate and weight and let it cook for few minutes or till it is crisp from this side too.
  10. Pizza sandwich is ready to serve. Enjoy it with some tomato ketchup.

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  1. I have tried pizza sandwich today and it was a big hit.. thank you so much again for quick simple recipe with detail steps.. my guests loved it

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