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Sweet French Toast Recipe |Sweet French Toast Recipe

Sweet French Toast Recipe with Video: A quick breakfast or brunch made with egg, bread, sugar and lots of coconut. This French toast can be made in minutes. I like to garnish my Sweet French toast with chopped nuts and maple syrup or honey. This whole combination tastes divine :) .

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Fruit Cream Recipe Video | How To Make Indian Style Fruit Cream Recipe

Fruit cream recipe with video: Delicious cool dessert made with fruits, cream and yogurt. It’s a no cooking desert that can be made in minutes. You can also call it fruit salad with cream as it is a mix of fruits folded in creamy yogurt mixture.

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Panchamrut Recipe or Panchamrit Recipe | Prasad Recipe

Panchamrut recipe or Panchamrit Recipe: In Sanskrit, panch means five and Amrut means secret nectar. Panchamrut means combination of five secret nectars that is considered holy and used as offering to gods in various Hindu religious occasions. At the end of the Pooja, panchamrut is distribute as prasad along with panjiri to all who attended the pooja.

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